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DELUXE TRANSFERS is pleased to share with you some great tips on how to get out of LAX on the cheap. There are 2 options.

First there is the SUPERSHUTTLE SERVICE, which we recommend to people travelling in groups or if you want to travel as a family with a lot of luggage. The SUPERSHUTTLE is reasonably priced. A typical cost for a family of 6 with a lot of luggage to go from LAX to Anaheim is approximately US $110. That is a private, door to door service for you and your family. After a 12-13 hour trip from Australia, it is very comforting with children in tow, to simply get your private SUPERSHUTTLE to your Hotel. The easiest way TO FIND the SUPERSHUTTLE is after clearing US Customs, to go to the rear of the terminal. You will go up 2 flights of escalators and at the rear of the terminal, you will find a vast amount of SUPERSHUTTLES lined up. Your driver will have a sign for you. If you cannot find SUPERSHUTTLE pickup, the LAX staff ARE very helpful.They will escort you to the pickup area.

If you are on a budget, and who isn’t trying to keep more to spend at Disneyland, the second option is the regular bus network that services greater L.A. Go to This is an excellent website that will give you a comprehensive list of all the bus routes in to the surrounds of Los Angeles. The great thing is, the buses in L.A are inexpensive. The bad thing is, L.A traffic is awful. If you are arriving after 7am, allow up to 2hrs plus to arrive at your hotel. A tip, to avoid the dreadful L.A traffic, and IF you can schedule it this way, ALWAYS try and arrive on a Sunday. It is certainly much calmer and less time consuming.

When it comes to tipping, most drivers of all transport options WILL expect a tip. A couple of dollars is all that is needed IF you are catching a bus. IF you are catching the SUPERSHUTTLE, a sensible tip is $15-20. A tip regarding tips. The American service workers can become very upset if you DO NOT tip. Be prepared for some ‘attitude” if you DO NOT tip.

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