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    Covid-19 vehicle policy- state health department and cleaning recommendations

    Covid-19 vehicle policy- state health department and cleaning recommendations Deluxe Transfers continue to watch the state health departments guidelines in responding to covid-19. We ensure that all cleaning protocols are adhered to for your health. As new variants BA 4and BA 5 have been recently acknowledged by the chief medical officer (CMO), to be within the community, your health continues [...]
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    DELUXE TRANSFERS is always glad to share tips to make your travelling and holidaying easy. We always are taking people and families to the Brisbane Cruise ship terminals at both Hamilton and the Port of Brisbane. So we thought that it would be great to share the top 20 tips we have for anyone who is about to “set sail” […]

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    Brisbane to Hong Kong on the A350

    Cathay Pacific has started the fabulous A350 flight from Hong Kong to Brisbane. A brand new aircraft, this beautiful and very quiet aircraft now comes in under CX 157 every night at 1115pm. And don’t forget the CX 156 flight departs Brisbane to Hong Kong at 1255AM every morning. The new A350, a pleasure to fly on from many clients’ […]

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    New York Accommodation Tips

    Looking to stay in New York? Than DELUXE TRANSFERS recommends you check out The Westin Hotel in Newport in Jersey City. Located directly across the river from mighty New York city, this is a fabulous hotel for 40% less than staying in New York itself. Located 350 metres from the PATH railway system, it takes literally 14 minutes into 34th […]

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    Lets go racing fans!!

    Lets go racing fans!! The unreal F1 Yas Marina racetrack. Situated right at YAS MARINA, you can walk, run, or cycle this incredible track FOR FREE on Thursday and Sunday nights. It opens at 5pm until 10pm and you can literally see the whole track and facilities for yourself. It is hugely popular so expect crowds. Go and see the Ferraris and many other racing cars […]

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    Virgin Australia to USA Daily

    DELUXE TRANSFERS is showcasing the U.S.A., and chooses VIRGIN AUSTRALIA as its preferred airline partner. The daily 1050AM service VA 8 has 3 styles of seating. Today we will focus on the premium economy seat range. Virgin Australia originally started with 40 seats in the PE section. This has now been reduced to 24 seats. All seats have a 41 […]

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