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DELUXE TRANSFERS is always glad to share tips to make your travelling and holidaying easy. We always are taking people and families to the Brisbane Cruise ship terminals at both Hamilton and the Port of Brisbane. So we thought that it would be great to share the top 20 tips we have for anyone who is about to “set sail”

Tip 1: The day your cruise departs, get on board between 1145am-1230pm. The ship often suggests the time you should get onboard. But, get there between these times, and after checking in your bags, and then going to check out your room, head straight up to the dining room for a beautiful lunch. The ship starts serving lunch at 12pm.

Tip 2: Your cabin room will only have one power point. Take a 4 point powerboard, and turn one into 4 power oultets. This will let you charge batteries, cameras, and mobile phones. Secret tip, put it in the VERY bottom of your suitcase.

Tip 3: Take a extra large HEAVY duty garbage bag, put it in your room closet, and turn it into your laundry bag.

Tip 4: Take $1 and $2 coins for use in the laundromat. It saves a lot of time going to the reception area looking for change.

Tip 5: Take a small bottle of laundry liquid. It saves money as the onboard prices are high for these type of simple things

Tip 6: Make sure you buy at your local chemist/pharmacy enough sea sickness tablets for the duration of your trip. Take 2 tablets 45 minutes before getting on to the ship. About 1 hour before the ship sets sail, take another 2 tablets. And then take 2 tablets before going to bed. (We strongly recommend that you speak with your doctor to see if this is suitable for yourself).

Tip 7: Ask to be seated for the 1st dinner sitting as this allows you to go to the first shows of the night.

Tip 8: If you are ordering a bottle of wine, whatever you do not drink, will be there for you to enjoy the next time you have lunch or dinner. Simply ask your waiter to keep your bottle in their restaurant cool room, and the next time you dine, your remaining wine is yours to enjoy

Tip 9: Always ensure you turn your “ROAM” feature on your mobile phone so as to AVOID a huge mobile phone bill.

Tip 10: The ship’s internet is via satellite. It is often VERY slow, VERY expensive. Wait until you get to a day port, and go to a local internet kiosk to use the internet.


DELUXE TRANSFERS always loves hearing about the travels that our fantastic clients enjoy. We will have more cruise tips for you over the coming weeks. Remember to always look out for cruise ship specials from the city of Brisbane. Transfers by DELUXE TRANSFERS to and from the ship are easy to arrange. Remember that when returning to Brisbane, you will definately get mobile phone reception the moment you turn into the mouth of the Brisbane River. If you use your phone from Mooloolaba you may be charged ROAMING fees. Be extremely careful, as you do not want that to happen. Enjoy your cruising, and relax on that special holiday that only cruise ships can deliver.

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