Australian Airport security has been recently changed due to an alleged incident in New South Wales. Due to this, all Australian airlines, Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar, and Tiger airlines have upgraded their communications with the travelling public. Our clients experiences this week have varied and as the week comes to an end, security is still at a high level. I?t is really important that you check with your airline as to what extra time you should be allowing to check in at the airport. Both Qantas and Virgin have been recommending to people to be at the Airport 2 hours prior to take off. Some clients have been advised to be at the Airport even earlier. Additional security that our clients have passed on, is that, you will be asked for some form of photographic identification on more than one occassion. Our clients have told us this week that identification was needed at the gate check in, as well as at the first point of security. This appears to be adding at least 30 minutes to boarding procedures.

Deluxe Transfers also recommends that all guests and the travelling public are aware of what liquids that they CAN carry on to the plane and what they CANNOT. All of our clients have been directed to the official Qantas and Virgin websites , and At these pages, click on to the DANGEROUS GOODS sections and you will be clearly shown what is and what is not allowed to be taken onboard the flight.

Remember a few things to make your check in process that much easier:

Step 1: make sure you have confirmed with the airline the time you need to be AT the airport

Step 2: make sure that when you book your transfer, you provide and allow for extra time to get to the airport

Step 3: make sure you have your DRIVERS LICENCE on you to make the process much quicker and easier for you.

Step 4: make sure your boarding pass details are correct

All Australian travellers need to be aware and remain vigilant. Deluxe Transfers will be happy to advise you of any further security developments that may occur over the coming weeks.